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About Me

My name is Casey Sagisi and I'm a Seattle-based designer, educator, and product engineer. I strive to bring my client's visions to life through thoughtful design. From making one-of-a-kind pieces for an event or daily wear to developing a previously unimagined product, I can help you. When I'm not working for you I'm usually developing Seattle's local manufacturing economy through Muses Conscious Fashion Studio. Check out samples of my work here.

My Approach

Making clothes is complicated work. Like any product you'd want to use regularly, quality apparel takes a great deal of consideration and planning. A large part of my process as a designer and engineer is establishing a concise vision of the product. It sounds simple, but can be one of the most challenging aspects of design - it's both the first step and a journey in itself. Fortunately for my clients it's one I love and have significant experience navigating as a former corporate trainer, software project manager, and technical writer. My goal is to take in as much data as possible, distill abstractions to their purest form, then start iterating through a variety of digital and physical mediums. Please see the FAQ if you'd like to know more about development cycles for the industry. Interested in working together? Head to the contact page to submit a query. Services are listed below.

For the Individual

Performance Pieces
Personal Styling

For the Industry

Apparel Business Planning/Consulting
Market Research
Product Engineering:

  • CAD Pattern Development
  • Digitizing
  • Fitting
  • Grading
  • Markers
  • Samples
  • Sequence/Spec/Tech

Speaking Engagements

  • Direct Instruction
  • Curriculum Planning